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The Profits +Prana Mastermind is for soulpreneurs who want to grow their business.

Content Prompts

Never wonder what to livestream about again.


Bring mindfulness and intention back to your business.

Focus on Business

Take back your time and get back to what you’re awesome at.

Hey there!


Are you so tired from doing all the things that when you finally sit down to grow your business, you have no idea what to do?

Are you tired of setting goals year after year and not achieving them? (secret: it’s not your fault!)

Are you feeling crazy and overwhelmed with all you have to do (and all that isn’t getting done)?

The insanity stops here.

Profits + Prana is a for high-vibe soulpreneurs who want to reach new heights.

grow your business

find your inner truth

plan your content

focus on being awesome

your light deserves to shine.

(and you deserve to keep your sanity).

Profits + Prana Mastermind


For the seasoned, high-vibe, soulful entrepreneur, the Profits + Prana Mastermind will help you uplevel your business.



goal clarity

Stay focused and get stuff done by starting the month with clarity and focus.



Soulpreneur meditations

From my time hosting daily meditations on Periscope, I learned meditation grows businesses. Start your week with a meditation to set the stage. End the week with a guided meditation to clear the crap and reset.


business growth workbook

1 fill-in-the-blanks workbook delivered monthly to help you get clarity and clients. You’ll learn how to grow your business through digital marketing.

Upcoming topics include: social media planner, quiz planner, newsletter planner, and more.


private facebook group

Private member’s only Facebook group where we’ll support each other, meditate, and help each other reach our goals.


social media graphics

Every month you’ll get social media graphic templates sized perfectly for social media. Use the graphics on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Stories…you name it!

Use these templates to create your own high-vibe posts and grow your audience.


Prompts calendar

Are you tired of wondering what the heck to post about? I hear you. “What am I going to say?” is seriously one of the biggest struggles soulful business owners have with social media.

 But not anymore! Use the 365 Prompts Calendar to figure out what to say every day of the year.

preview the content


Professionally designed, and easy for you to edit.

Simply add the templates to your Canva account and go to town.


• launch Bonus •

Lead Magnet Template

Customise this lead magnet template to get a gorgeous lead magnet that will grow your email list.

• About The Creator •

Hey there! I’m Ysmay!

I started building websites professionally in 1999. I’m a WordPress theme developer as well as the co-owner of a boutique digital agency.

But I also love yoga.

As a chronic illness patient, I came to yoga as a way to manage my symptoms. I got hooked, and I am now an avid yogi, and the founder of the popular yoga blog 42Yogis.

In my yoga coaching practice, I help yoga teachers build their brands and grow their businesses.

You could say I have many loves, and for years I’ve looked for a way to combine them.

And then Shanti Social was born.

Shanti Social brings together my love of yoga, design, and online marketing.

Join Now!

Profits + Prana is a 12 month soulpreneur growth program, but you can join anytime throughout the year and you’ll start at the beginning. 

Our first semester begins April 1st.


• Frequently Asked Questions • 

How long do I have to be a member?

Profits + Prana is a 12 month membership, but…you can cancel at any time

For best results, I do suggest you commit to at least 3 months.

Not for me, but for you.

Growing your business is a long game, and without consistent effort, it won’t work.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature of the product, I do not offer refunds, but you can cancel at any time, and not pay for next month’s content.

Can I customise the graphics?

Yes! Simply add the templates to your own Canva account, and go to town. 

I can't login!

No worries! Everything happens inside the Profits + Prana Facebook group. 

Click here to go straight to the group.